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We strive, through ethical farming to provide a superior Alpaca fibre and are proud that all we produce is Hand Made In England.

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Welcome to the Ridgeview Farm website.

At Ridgeview Farm we work hard to provide the ideal environment for our Alpacas to live a long and happy life. we feed them, breed them & house them in 19 acres of rolling Rutland countryside.

In return each Alpaca will produce a little over 3kg of fleece every year when they’re sheared in early summer, which when washed, carded and spun makes luxuriously soft, wonderfully warm and hypoallergenic yarns and knitted goodies.

Alpaca Fibre For Hand Knitted Luxury Goods

Each one of our Alpacas is unique, they’ve all been individually named, and we encourage you to come and meet them so you can make an informed choice as to the quality, colour and type of fibre that each one produces.

When you’ve decided whose Fibre you like best, we will ensure that the Fibre you receive is from the Alpaca that you’ve chosen and what his or her name is too!

Alpacas live for around 20-25 years so if you choose to you could be using Fibre from your favourite Alpaca for many years to come.

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We aim to provide the best possible service and it all begins with us providing a quality environment for our Alpacas, come and see for yourself!

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